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Interpret water values

It is familiar to anyone who has to do with water analyzes: a water analysis is sent in by the laboratory and now we go to study. Special books, tables are compared, there are calculations and conversions and finally phone call to a colleague trying to understand want the analyzes means. A huge expense!

But no successful project can survive without analyzing the filling water and dealing with their correct interpretation.

This work is now greatly facilitated the computer program POND ANALYST. It's simple: enter the results of the water analysis, and POND ANALYST interprets the values.

But the program can be used not only for analyzing the filling water but also for the assessment of existing projects.

Prerequisite for successful use of the program is always the most detailed possible water analysis, the values for the following parameters should necessarily contain: pH, conductivity, alkalinity, total hardness, ammonia, nitrate and phosphorus as total phosphorus In addition, analyzes of existing water ponds is the redox value highly recommended (value indicating whether an aquatic system rather in reducing or oxidizing condition).

For the input values, the program is also generating recommendations.

Very important for plant growth inwater is the presence of carbonates, characterized by carbonate hardness. Is there a value for the carbonate hardness or, a value calculated by the program from other values, a recommendation for the use of products to improve the carbonate content is prompted. The program is not only proposing a carbonate product, but also calculating the exact dosage.

Especially helpful are also the analysis and recommendations of the program to nutrients such as nitrate and phosphorus. As with all values POND ANALYST will check first whether the entered measured value is within the recommended standard. If this is not the case a warning will appear. If there is too little nitrate, the program recommends a fertilizer. Here, as in the carbonate hardness a proper dosage is given.

The elements of nitrate, phosphorus and carbon, the program automatically sets the mass ratio in the REDFIELD formula. Then important information are added. For example: what is the limiting nutrient in the water and how high is the risk of a potential blue-green algae bloom?